So, you want to throw a rock star out of a helicopter at 10000ft? Tick. Film coffee producers in a country ravaged by civil war? No problem. Mountain bike through the remotest mountains in Afghanistan? Yep, done that. How about abseil out of a helicopter onto the roof of a dilapidated prison? Sure. Film a white water rescue in arctic waters? Of course. Put a rock band on an iceberg? Pushing it, but yes, we can deliver. 


At Secret Compass we have a unique skill set combining crazy ideas with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the globe, experience working and managing risk in remote and hostile places, combined with an impressive array of specialist skills to bring your idea to life.

// Drones: We can supply qualified pilots, camera operators and equipment ensuring that we have the appropriate permissions, to really lift the production value of the shoot.   

// Photography: From providing stills imagery of bands playing on icebergs, to mountain biking in Afghanistan or the frozen wastes of Siberia we work with award winning, highly published photographers who are used to working in remote and harsh environments. 

// Specialist cameras: We can utilise the latest developments in the broadcast industry to really amplify the look of the shoot. We can recommend various camera platforms which are suited to filming in extreme conditions as well as experience on a variety of equipment such as stabilisation systems, dollies and jibs. 

// Rope access: Need to get shots up in the trees or off a cliff. No problem. We use highly experienced and qualified instructors that can ensure that all aspects of safety and equipment is managed to make sure you get that shot required. 

// Helicopter and aviation safety management: We have a vast amount of experience of working with and around helicopters and other aviation assets. If you want to film aerial shots, we used specialist equipment to ensure that all crew members are safe whilst achieving epic visuals. 

// Medical: In high-risk environments, a producer’s key concern is the well-being of cast and crew. Our range of high-calibre medical services will ensure that everyone is safe and looked after.

// Location management: Secret Compass has vast experience in providing creative location management, fixing and logistics services to ease the pressure on production managers. We originated as an expeditionary company and this is our bread and butter.

// Risk management: Our in-depth risk analysis and management expertise will protect your people, your project and your budget. Implementing our advice will significantly reduce the probability of an incident, enable you to react if something happens and minimise your liability. We specialise in remote locations, areas of heightened security risk and hostile environments, with staff professionally trained as Security Risk Management Consultants.

// Producing and directing: Secret Compass can provide the full spectrum of the creative process from coming up with the initial concept, hiring a competent, qualified and experience crew, to directing the shoot on the ground. 

// Editing and post production: Once the filming has finished there is still a lot of work to do, and Secret Compass can manage and deliver the final masterpiece to the client.

// Production management: Secret Compass can be responsible for organising all aspects of the shoot from budgets, logistics and assisting producers to allow the directors to concentrate on achieving their vision.