Brought together by a love of adventure and filming in some of the world’s most remote and challenging locations, we formed Base Films with an excitement and energy to make engaging and daring content for Brands and TV.



Tom served as a Captain with the Parachute Regiment and Special Forces Support Group. During his time he trained as a Jungle Warfare Instructor, worked developing African Special Forces Units and was part of the UK Counter Terrorism task force. He also spent a year on combat operations in Afghanistan, leading 100 Afghan Special Forces soldiers during the most intense fighting in Helmand in 2009-10.

Since leaving the Army Tom has led pioneering expeditions around the world, from taking the first tourists into the world’s newest country, South Sudan, exploring remote National Parks in southern Congo and leading the first mountain bike expedition through the mountains of Afghanistan. He set up a pioneering adventure company, Secret Compass and has managed over 200 expeditionary projects globally. He has also advised on a large number of TV crews travelling on assignment to places such as Mali, Niger, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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Dan is one of the world's leading adventure cameraman and producers. He’s taken cameras to every environment on the planet, covering the adventures of leading talent like Bear Grylls (8 x series) and recently pioneered the genre of embedded storytelling on groundbreaking adventure formats, like the BAFTA awarding winning first series of the Island with Bear Grylls. He followed that with a similar role on Channel 4’s extreme reality show ‘Mutiny’ where he filmed and survived a 4000-mile journey across the pacific in a 23-foot open boat. 

He’s got 100s more credits to his name including Channel 4’s ‘The Plane Crash’, ‘Hunted and Sky One’s new big hit, ‘The Heist’. He’s kicked down doors with the Russian Special Forces, spent months living and filming in the Amazon and recently the jungles of Papua New Guinea for Discovery Channel’s Parker’s Trails.



Nick is an experienced documentary filmmaker. As a Director he’s self shot and and helped shape the vision and look of some iconic US shows like 'Gold Rush', the highest rating Discovery show of all time, alongside groundbreaking UK terrestrial television like Channel 4's 'Escape' described as 'The Krypton Factor meets Survivor'.

As a Series Producer he’s managed productions and large teams in remote and difficult locations across the planet. He’s run expeditions in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, the slopes of Ecuadorian volcanoes and recently built virtual film sets in the Panamanian Jungle and upon an Icelandic glacier.